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Our Training Approach

1. NO - scope

We work with you to identify and define exactly the scope of the problem to be tackled, excluding all that is not relevant. Together we choose the training programme that will best address the truth of the situation - effecting immediate and lasting change.

2. HELLO - tools & information

We have many training tools and techniques to draw upon, gained from many years experience within our team, to inform each particular training programme. Our training is interactive and experiential, such that delegates feel understood, valued and changed for the better.

3. THANKS - relating to others

Relating to others is something many feel they master socially early in life, yet perhaps less so in the working environment, which requires much greater awareness. We take each delegate's inherent skills in this area and develop them to an improved level of professional competence.

It is not easy to put others at their ease, and knowing how to do this is a valuable asset that will lead to greater trust and willingness to engage. This is true for staff and customers alike.

4. GOODBYE - management

Realising that change is necessary triggers management process.

There is much to be done before making a decision and we have a unique Decision Tool that uses data to inform intuition and intuition to generate data.

Decisions made using this tool ensure that nothing is overlooked and accountability is transparent.

5. PLEASE - leadership 

Leadership requires vision and the intention to deliver. Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare.

The ability to persuade others to cooperate accelerates the process of change and the expectation of success.

6. SORRY - customer service

We aim for no guilt, no blame...so anything that dissatisfies or displeases customers is essentially the responsibilty of the provider. No quibble replacement of faulty goods or a 100% money-back guarantee policy? Do these work well in your marketplace?

7. YES  - seizing opportunity 

Every moment provides opportunity; not everyone sees or understands this. What potential sales are you and your business missing? Who knows who might walk through your door next and the new opportunities that they hold?

We teach delegates to expect the unexpected, to welcome it and to make the most of every encounter.


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