7 Words - A Personal Development System
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7 Words Theatre

Act for a change!

ACT: Absolutely Clear Thinking


A unique blend of wisdom

7 Words, Sufism, Tantra, Toltec teachings and Augusto Boal's methods

This is the inspiration behind this exciting new approach to exploring who we are and why we do what we do. Behaviour that participants want to change is brought to light and then transformed and experienced by acting out different ways of being. Workshops use the wisdom of the group, its stories, individual's creativity and courage to create new futures. It's powerful and fun! 

7 Words Theatre works with 7 basic instincts or impulses - rejection, curiosity, giving, leaving, asking, forgiveness, and acceptance. Images of these are created with our bodies and then used in all sorts of ways to highlight the impact of these driving forces within our lives. "When all is said and done, there's a lot more said than done". In 7 Words Theatre we do as much doing as we do talking - and usually a lot more doing!


Do you want...?
  • Greater clarity about situations you want to change
  • Other ways to look at things and alternative ways to respond
  • An increased sense of self-worth
  • The ability to transform inner and outer conflicts in a moment
  • Understanding how to apply what's learned in 'real' life
  • Relief and release from guilt and blame
  • A relaxed sense of trusting that all is well


Expect these benefits!
  • Acting out scenes, scenarios, situations and stories from your life
  • Experiencing and experimenting with different ways to respond
  • Feeling supported and valued for who you really are
  • Re-enacting situations with different scripts
  • A compelling life vision
  • Learning how not to feel guilty
  • Celebrating progress and welcoming future challenges


Why 7 Words?

No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, Please, Sorry, Yes

Words and thoughts are powerful; they create our reality. Misused or misunderstood they cause confusion and unhelpful conflict. Profound research shows that when these particular 7 Words are used well, they promote extraordinary clarity and the wisdom of true understanding. 


7 ways to change your life!

Come and experiment with this unique theatre company and experience...

No - Does your "No!" mean No?

Hello - What's grabbing your attention?

Thanks - Are you really appreciated?

Goodbye - Are you good at avoiding being 'stuck in a rut'?

Please - Are you good at choosing and asking for what you want?

Sorry - Can you say "Sorry!" and mean it?

Yes - Are you using your talents well?


What is 7 Words Theatre all about?

Much has been written about the application of 7 Words. This material is available through various websites and other training programmes, e.g. '7 Wisdoms' and the 7 Words Distance Learning Programme.

For some, especially those with visual and kinaesthetic learning preferences, active learning, through role play for example, can be more effective than self-study reading or listening to a trainer. Active learning through role play, spontaneous responses to multi-media presentations, and improvisation theatre, are therefore key components of 7 Words Theatre workshops.

7 Words Theatre uses the unique '7 Words Life Management Technique' to explore and develop authentic interactions and lives created with awareness and enthusiasm. So, if you'd like more clarity and understanding in your life, or you want to transform yourself and the way you communicate, attend a 7 Words Theatre Workshop.


Richard Grey

Richard is one of the leading lights of the 7 Words initiative. He has led seminars, composed teaching texts, and jointly with the founder of 7 Words, James Burgess, presented trainings in the UK and Europe. Richard's approach to theatre work is both light-hearted and profoundly visionary, seeing humour and spirituality as mutually inclusive studies!


"Why am I doing this?"

I study, develop, teach and promote the application of 7 Words through 7 Words Theatre; I have created '7 Words Theatre' in order to teach 7 Words to a wide variety of participants and audiences in a playful yet powerful way. 



If '7 Words Theatre' appeals to you and you would like to explore and expand your ideas for it with me, I would love to hear from you. 

Richard Grey, 7 Words Theatre, 07736 735298

E: richard@7words.co.uk

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