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Effective Sales Team Development

We have developed an original approach to selling based on the 7 Words System. There are two sides to our training: one for managers; the other for sales representatives or assistants.

Managers learn of the 7 aspects of selling...from product knowledge through to optimal management of market feedback.


Training in Sales Management

No: What is 'Selling'?

Hello: Information & skills to optimise the effectiveness of your sales team.

Thanks: Improving customer relationships using subtle and soft communication skills.

Goodbye: Guiding your customers towards the required outcome.

Please: How to inspire sales team staff to realize their highest potential.

Sorry: Repairing relationships with dissatisfied customers and staff

Yes: Making the most of all your opportunities


Training sales assistants to think differently

Sales representatives or assistants are the interface between management and the golden resource of the company - the customer. 

Here our approach is radically different - we train sales assistants to be receptive rather than active, to learn the soft skills of awareness, rapport and listening, and then to monitor, recognise and guide the customer through the 7 steps they always move through in order to buy. This is a journey from No to Yes that has 7 completely identifiable and predictable stages that must be dealt with to secure the sale.



Stand back

The customer is not yet ready to be approached.



Establish first contact when the customer shows they are ready to talk.



Be pleasant. Learn what needs to be learned. Understand what the customer is really looking for.



Gently and firmly steer the conversation step by step towards a decision to buy.



Clearly recommend a specific product and get the customer to adopt the vision of ownership.



Carefully deal with each objection raised by the customer until there are no more reasons to postpone or reject the purchase.


Gather the gold

As you efficiently complete the transaction remember to explore further opportunities to sell.

We have created a Sales Training Manual that shows how these ideas can be employed, and we are available to train people in the use of it. For a while, we are making this document available free of charge, and would appreciate any feedback from those of you who download it.


Any good at selling?


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