7 Words - A Personal Development System
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Practical Guide to the 7 Words System

by James Burgess

For leaders and students

All the teaching material for the 7 Wisdoms course and DLP, including 40 exercises, articles, Sufi explanations of the Planes of Consciousness, tips on Q21 including commentary on each question, also information about dysfunctions and weaknesses, and various current applications of the system.

Chapters organised by primary words for ease of study 

Kindle Version  £4.65 

Hard Copy  £9.95 + P&S 


7 Secrets of a Joyful Birth

by Dominique Sakoilsky

For parents to be

A wise and informative guide to preparing emotionally and psychologically for birth and early parenting, based on the 7 Words System.

Working through the seven secrets is a brilliant way to address the deeper issues within yourself in a safe and simple way. It will free you to enjoy the unfolding, the transformation, the growing that is happening inside you. This process never stops in life. Yet in pregnancy it happens so profoundly and intensely as we integrate enormous changes, in our bodies, our feelings and our relationships in a relatively short span of time. Each of you - mother, father and baby - has a different set of challenges. The baby to be born from the womb into the world, the mother to be the giver of birth and the nurturer, the father to be the companion and protector, couple or single parent to become a healthy loving family.

In this book Dominique Sakoilsky will help you to identify your own particular challenges. She will also give you all the practical guidance you need and an understanding of how birth happens, the amazing hormonal physiology that underlies the natural process in us humans, just as it does in other mammals.


Seven Secrets of a Joyful Birth

Kindle Version  £6.17 

Hard Copy  £12.99 + P&S