7 Words Training Ltd.
No   ·   Hello   ·   Thanks   ·   Goodbye   ·   Please   ·   Sorry   ·   Yes
Effective Project Management

We see a project as a plan with 7 aspects reflecting the 7 words: No, Hello, Thanks, Goodbye, Please, Sorry and Yes.

Most of the impactful management of a project is in the pre planning stage, with delegation as the crux point. 

The key to improvement so often lies in the way we process feedback, so we give emphasis to the Project Review process and the way that that feeds into Knowledge Management systems.

For a while we are making available our Project Manual free of charge and would appreciate any feedback from those who have downloaded it please.


The 7 Aspects of Project Management

  • : Purpose - NO - Terms of Reference
  • Resources - HELLO - Popular Tools
  • : Orientation - THANKS - Team Building
  • : Job Delegation - GOODBYE - Who Does What
  • : Enabling - PLEASE - Bringing Ideas into Form
  • : Controls - SORRY - Effective Feedback Systems
  • : Testing - YES - Is Everybody Happy?