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Effective Meetings

We have developed a systematic procedure that enables managers to create required outcomes from meetings with efficient use of time and effort. It's based on the idea that there are 7 aspects of meetings that need to be managed, and 7 types of meetings that require different approaches.

Meetings are so often very wasteful of time, and therefore money, simply because there is no model to follow of what a good meeting looks like. This is a tested model, and it works.

The 7 aspects of Meetings 

  • : Marking boundaries - NO
  • : Exchange of information and attention - HELLO
  • : Engendering rapport - THANKS
  • : Taking decisions - GOODBYE
  • : Intending to persuade - PLEASE
  • : Needing to account for behaviour - SORRY
  • : Getting the OK - YES

We have created a Meetings Manual that shows how these ideas can be employed, and we are available to train people in the use of it. For a while, we are making this document available free of charge, and would appreciate any feedback from those of you who download it.


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