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Effective Decisions

When a problem is correctly diagnosed, then the best decision becomes clear. If the understanding of the issue to be addressed is faulty, then the decision will not address it properly. We are diagnosticians, and use the 7 Words System to identify issues correctly and to consider all factors and options available.


The 7 aspects of Decisions

Definition of problem - NO - What to decide and who decides it

Collation of information - HELLO - Assessment and proposed decision

Introspection - THANKS - Congruency test between corporate values and personal values

Seeding change - GOODBYE - Announcement and delegation

Intention - PLEASE - Actions planned to move unreservedly towards a new future

Opposition - SORRY - Dealing completely with the objections arising

Negotiation - YES - Adaptation, modification, acceptance


Decision Tool

A 7 Words Decision Tool is under development that will facilitate the process of decision making so that a manager can easily operate both right brain and left brain intelligence methods throughout the process.

We believe it is necessary to take into account 7 factors -
legal and moral, and
each having its own relative worth to be taken into account by weighting.

Without this tool, most managers find three too many to consider fully.

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