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James Burgess 2000


Sufi leader, healer and professional astrologer, James has 30-odd years of experience of group facilitation to his name, much of it abroad. He is now a counsellor and trainer and works as a writer, teacher and guide.

James is the founder of Unicorn Camps (1987), and co-founder of the world-renowned PTA International Camp, Oak Dragon Camps, and Campscene Directory. He is also the initiator of the Unicorn Land Trust, the Unicorn Peace Network charity and 'Khanqah Salaam' Sufi retreat centre. 

He has pioneered various esoteric methods, which include developing several new approaches to healing work. 

One example is with Astrodrama, which he has introduced to Russia and the Baltic States; another with his inventive personal growth methodology centred on the application of Sufi principles and NLP to life coaching. He is the originator of the 7 Words System.

Currently he is engaged with writing an innovative study of astrology. Called Sabian Mysteries, this is based on a Sufi perspective in 7 Words of Marc Edmund Jones's Sabian Symbols. Extracts for his contributions to this work can be found on his website.

Richard Grey 2006


Richard has been studying and teaching 7 Words since 2006. He became a Certified Practitioner in 2007 having completed the first '7 Wisdoms' course led by James. Then, in 2008, having completed the Distance Learning Programme and co-facilitated the second '7 Wisdoms' course with James, he was appointed as the first 7 Words Guide - a role he takes very seriously.

He is Founder and Director of '7 Words Theatre' - a multi-media, creative and profound theatre process that enables participants to act out each of the 7 Words using everyday situations from their lives that they want to change. Non-judgmental, new perspectives emerge that enrich the lives of all present.

Richard is an experienced trainer and facilitator with a long and distinguished career in sustainability consultancy and research management at the highest level. He has held many senior management, Director and Chief Executive positions, primarily in the private sector. He now lives in one of the UK's leading eco-cohousing communities in Dorset where he serves on the Finance & Legal Group management team.

Richard welcomes approaches from any individual, from any walk of life, interested in understanding themselves more fully and behaving more authentically, particularly in difficult situations.

Dom Sakoilsky 2006


I have worked in the arena of birth and parenting and families for over 20 years, and this led to my training in a number of disciplines; as a craniosacral therapist over ten years ago (and I now work as part of a team of craniosacral therapists at the Bristol Centre for Craniosacral Therapy) I have also trained as a Relate therapist, a family counselor and a yoga teacher. More recently I have just finished 3 years training with Karlton Terry around babies and how they are impacted in birth.

I first came across the 7 Words at camp about 10 years ago and studies with James in 2006 and am still finding that my journey with 7 words takes me deeper and deeper into what it means to be human!

I am a co-director of Relaxed Birth and Parenting which trains teachers and doulas to work in the arena of birth, as well as running classes that support families around birth. We use the 7 words model in our training and I also run 7 Wisdoms of Parenting Courses, 7 Words of Relationship courses and have recently published a book entitled The Seven Secrets of Joyful Birth (Silverwood). I have a busy counseling and cranial practice and regularly run birth workshops for couples and have a weekly antenatal yoga class

I am married and the mother of two adult sons and one teenage daughter. When not working I like to practice scaravelli inspired yoga, ride horses, walk and camp in the wilds, hang out with family and find nourishment in nature and of late I have rather taken to the joys of cycling my way around Bristol!

Natasha Lukiyanova 2009


My name is Natasha, I live in Riga, Latvia. For more than 22 years I have been giving piano lessons to children and developing their creative abilities. This allows me to be alive and continue experimenting and creating new forms of teaching.  Creativity is a tool of learning and a method of expressing knowledge about oneself and the world. This describes all aspects of my activity. In my lifetime I have met many interesting people – teachers and representatives of many different spiritual traditions, through whom I touched the same Inner Knowledge in different ways. However, the most important teacher in my life has been and still is Life itself. To me, every event and all people in this world are the natural path towards knowledge of life, an experience leading towards the crystallisation of understanding Who I Am.

In 1994 I received the first level initiation into a Japanese spiritual healing and self development system of Mikao Usui (Reiki) from Galina Labkovskaya. I have been practising healing ever since. Through Reiki practises I have touched upon the understanding that we actually are much bigger than we think. Since the year 1999 I have been teaching Reiki and training people in healing and meditative techniques. They help people remember their connection with their inner spiritual nature which is the source of healing and light. The practise of the transformation of light allows us to enter a state of awarenes of our inherent nature of light, and to recognise the fact that everyone  isinherently perfect and has the ability to heal and be happy. By restoring ones wholeness and allowing miracles in one's life, it is possible to bring light and harmony into all aspects of ones life.

In 1993 I met my Sufism teacher James for the first time, while participating in Zikr and Dances of Universal Peace in Riga. I was deeply touched by the experience of opening the heart through music and the beauty of the teaching. I started attending Sufi retreats from 1996 and became one of the organisers of the Unicorn Camp in Latvia (1996-2003). I was also a member of James' Sufi group in Riga for 10 years. All aspects of my life – experiences of unity of the phenomenal world and a life beyond it – merged through the Sufi Practise. It brought a feeling of wholeness and joy of life in all its expressions. To continue spreading the light of Sufism I teach it in a group (since 2003) and on retreats.

In 2003 I attended the Amaliat retreat where I was introduced to the 7 Words System of James Burgess. Some of the brightest memories of the retreat are unusual clarity and expansion of consciousness, and subtlety and transparency of perception. Over the recent years I have been immersing myself ever deeper into studying the system which allows me to use it as a tool for knowing and studying the relationships with oneself and diversity of the world. It is a way of imparting Sufi teachings about the 7 planes through 7 words which act as a bridge and a connection between our daily life and the deepest essence of our existence.

By teaching the 7 Words System I help people develop self-awareness, which helps to use the 7 words as a way to restore inner harmony and become happy in life.

Sandra Jankauskiene 2008


I am a psychologist trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and I have recently started my carrier as a therapist. I feel happy being able to bring changes in somebody's life and this is what I am doing at the moment with my counselling work. Also I am one of the four initiators of establishment of public company "Vienaragis" in Lithuania.

It's purpose is to raise the awareness of other people around us and to help them to develop both spiritually and personally. Naturally, 7 words is a central part of this project. This new way of thinking became a natural part of everyday life for me both personally and professionally.

What else? I love martial arts and Dances of Universal Peace, computer games and cinema, reading books and painting. My husband and I are raising two cats at our Kaunas home - which softens our living and being together.

Giedrius Slaminskas 2007

Certified Practitioner

I am a psychologist, a husband and a father of two - Gabriel is 4 and Alija is 2. Having small kids feels very rewarding by being both a challenging and a centring experience. I am interested in other people and passionate when it comes to standing for tolerance and individual freedom. Together with my partner, I am involved in the movement to legalise home births in Lithuania.

I first met the founder of 7 Words, James Burgess, at a Sufi retreat in Khankah Salaam more than 10 years ago. At the time I had already travelled some inner distance with Zen, Vipassana, Sidha yoga and other schools of meditation. I found James’s path to be aligned with my values of independent thinking and deep truthful feelings of the heart as James’s practice embodied both sacredness and mastery of daily life. All of it I see woven into the system of seven which has become a part of my professional practice as well. Together with three partners and supported by James we founded a teaching centre “Vienaragis”, which offers various workshops and supports the development of 7 Words in Lithuania.

At the moment I am very much involved in realising my potential in psychotherapy – helping people realise clarity in life and cope with their challenges.

After finishing my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I’ve completed a basic Gestalt therapy course and continue with this branch of studies further on. My professional career started with a three-year volunteer service in a youth emotional support and suicide prevention line; afterwards I practiced in a psychiatric hospital crisis intervention unit. Now I’m working as a psychologist supporting inmates of various prisons, and in private practice providing individual and group therapy for adults in Vilnius.

More about my counselling work and personal philosophy can be found on my website.

Margie McCallum 2007

Certified Practitioner Tutor

Margie studied 7 Words in 2007 and 2008.  She was the first to complete the 7 Words Distance Learning Programme which she still considers one of the most valuable and growthful of the many personal and spiritual growth disciplines she has studied.

Nowadays 7 Words sits more in the background of her life; she notices its presence in her thinking and behaviour.  Periodically the tool takes centre stage when she has a new challenge and wants to ensure every facet has been examined.

After ten years in the UK Margie has recently returned to New Zealand to live and work with rural Maori people in the Far North.  She is enjoying reconnecting with her adult children and their partners.

Faith Tait 2011


Faith left life as a Higher Education lecturer in Social Philosophy and Communication in 1987 to set up a training company in personal and professional development. Through the years she has witnessed, almost on a daily basis, the bedrock truth that our inner communication - what we privately tell ourselves about our beliefs, worth and abilities - will either help us towards success and happiness or block it.

In the early 90s she studied the strengths of *NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for handling and improving both inner and outer communication: overcoming blocks, leaving out-dated and unhealthy habits behind, making good choices and forming fresh, meaningful futures. 

She  more recently met the subtle and powerful 7 Words and their capacity to bring excitement, greater understanding and clarity of thinking and - importantly for our times - sustainability into what futures we create, individually and collectively.

I believe NLP and 7 Words were made for each other!

Faith has a first class BA Honours degree in Social Philosophy and Communication. She is a Master Practitioner of NLP and holds Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Thought Pattern Management. She is also a writer and speaker.

Her corporate work continues and spans the private and public sectors including parliamentary politicians. She also has a busy practice as a hypnotherapist and coach in Sherborne. Her delight is to share the joy, and often pure surprise, of her clients in all fields as they experience the 7 Words to open up to what they can do and what they truly desire. 

Louise Bennett 2006

Certified Practitioner

Louise is of of two partners in Relaxed Birth and Parenting, using 7 Words to train mothers and fathers in the birthing process.

Julie Dacombe 2006

Certified Practitioner

Gintarė Balčytytė 2008

Certified Practitioner

Nesta Burgess 2008

Certified Practitioner

Laura Sarton 2009

Certified Practitioner

Nijole Lesinskiene 2009

Certified Practitioner

Sally Platt 2009


Prem Premanand 2009


John Lavan 2010

Certified Practitioner

John Wilkes 2010

Certified Practitioner

Michael Ivasko 2010

Certified Practitioner

Graham Martin 2010

Certified Practitioner

Neil Brown 2010

Certified Practitioner

Irena Džiovalienė 2011

Certified Practitioner

Daiva Zascizinskiene 2011

Certified Practitioner

Daiva Balcytiene 2011

Certified Practitioner