7 Words - A Personal Development System
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7 Words Associates

7 Words System
Our group is an association of members who share an interest in the study and promotion of the 7 Words System. We use the system to help develop greater clarity and deeper truth so that our individual visions of a better world can better support and be supported by the visions of others. 

Freedom of Interpretation
7 Words is a kind of a map that is seen to be useful in a very wide range of situations - from birthing to funerals, love relationships to business management - and our members interpret the basic principles to suit their various needs and purposes. In these fast-moving times, it's hard to make meaningful predictions except that we are all entering unknown territory together - so a universal map has a potential to be extremely helpful.

Valuing the Heart Connection
The importance of human interaction is strongly emphasized because we want to enjoy our work and value the people we work with. The system is designed to address all of our needs so naturally this includes developing feelings of appreciation and fondness among associates. 

Honour and Integrity
We have come to realize that honesty is a requirement as a basis for reliable involvement with all people and we affirm the primary importance of truth in all our dealings, so that what we do together with others has solid foundations and can be considered more reliable because of that. 

Mutuality of Inter-Connecting Visions
These principles apply in all we do, and we are willing to withdraw from the world's false promises and engage fully with the real. Our association is an aspect of the unfolding vision that is moving humanity into a new era. Each of us has their own take on how the transition is to be made and we each work independently within our own spheres of interest to bring substance to the ideas we each have. 7 Words Associates exists to make that process easier for all of its members by offering and facilitating whatever support can be forthcoming. 

Making Amends
Anyone with an awakened conscience surely must acknowledge that humanity has a burden of responsibility to find ways to reverse and repair the damage we collectively have done to our environment and impoverished - or otherwise abused - peoples. This process is dependant upon the development of universal clarity and truth without which any attempts to change the corrupt practises of those in power will fail. 

These words are written as if representative of the organisation - yet they are simply one perspective from one person and are subject to change as the group grows and expresses itself more fully. So please feel free to participate in our evolution by offering your own observation and input. 

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